It takes many things for a business to prosper and one is consumers that believe in you.  We are so thankful for having the most bad ass customers on the planet.  Here are a few things they have told us about BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA.

"Our country needs more local businesses like this one producing great products that are great for us!"
            -    Cristina from New Jersey

"I'm sitting here drinking the last Ginger Kombucha I brought back from my last trip to Jersey City (I'm hooked on the stuff and bought out Dave & Mary's whole supply!)."
            -    Steven from Upstate New York   

"I am addicted to your super green, and it kicks GT's multi-green's ass."
            -    Lisa from New York City

"Came on Tuesday, was left at the door...very yummy!  I've very happy with it"
            -    Maia from New Jersey

"Tastes goooooood.  :)  Thanks for making this happen for me."
            -  Darin from New York City