Fermented Foods

Fermentation 101

Fermentation has been around for over 7000 years.  It is the oldest form of preservation known. The process of fermentation harnesses the best nature has to offer, using salt and naturally forming fermented acids to encourage the growth of beneficial micro organisms (probiotics)
We now know that those beneficial micro organisms help create and support a diverse ecosystem in your gut, promoting better digestion, more absorption of nutrition and a boosted immune system. 
The process is very simple.
For Lacto-fermentation, which is the method used to make most cultured vegetables like kim chi or sauerkraut), the ingredients are the vegetables, salt and water, if needed).
Some people start their fermented with whey or a starter culture.  We do not.
We add salt and allow the lactobacillus to grow naturally.  By encouraging nature to do what it does best, we think that we develop more interesting flavor. This helps us deliver our characteristic tart and briny flavor profile.
You can learn how to make you own on the BAO Recipe Blog and BAO Vegan Recipe Blog.
You can learn more about the benefits of fermented foods at the bottom of this page.

BAO Fermented foods…

… are naturally tart and full of flavor.

... strengthen your digestive and immune system.

… support and build the natural ecosystem in your gut.

... offer serious flavor addition to any meal or snack.

… have no added sugar.

… have no preservatives or synthetic binders.

… have  no GMOs.

... are certified organic.


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