Shipping Details

Please take a look at our Products page to place your order for your favorite flavor of BAO Fermented Foods and Drinks. If you want to mix your own box, send us an email at listing what you would like, and we will put it together for you (minimum $35, please allow 24 hours to set up online selection ) and post it here.

At BAO we are changing how you think about food and drinks.  Try us.  You will see what we mean.

Delivery Details     


BAO was founded with the mission to do good for people while making people feel good.  We are doing all we can to get organic, vegan, healthy fermented food and drinks to the people and our delivery service is one way we can do that. The delivery specifics are below.

 Order any of our packages from the Products page.  

We do our best to ship product to you in a way that is economical and chilled. However, in the warmer months and with shipments to outside of the NY Metro area, items may spend additional days in transit resulting in product that does not arrive cold.

The fermentation process that occurs with Raw Cultured Products is a natural method of food preservation. This means that they can be safely unrefrigerated for a short period of time (such as 1-7 days in transit). As the temperature rises, the probiotics in the Raw Cultured Products become more active and begin consuming any remaining starch in the products at a faster rate. They release effervescence as part of their metabolic process (this is the zing you sometimes you feel on your tongue when eating Raw Cultured Products). The effervescence can push the juice up causing it to leak out of the jar, it can make the lid puffy and it can even make the vegetables expand out of the jar when you open it. We call this process "rushing," and it does result in Raw Cultured Products that are more potent with probiotics. In order to minimize this we ship in an insulated carrier and for ground orders to the Midwest and West Coast we ship only on Monday so that the box does not spend extra weekend days in transit.

  • Your delivery options are determined by your address and presented during checkout (either courier service, UPS or BAO direct delivery).  Shipping options and charges will be added at checkout.
  • We offer free or discounted shipping to most locations in the United States.
  • For our friends and customers more than 2 shipping from NYC (those not in the yellow or brown area on the map above), we suggest expedited shipping during the hot summer months. We apologize for the inconvenience.