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BAO is dedicated to doing good for people while making people feel good.  BAO (rhymes with wow) has seen tremendous growth since launching in April 2010 as the first licensed kombucha brewer in New York State.  


The Origins of BAO

Mike and Mike got their start in a small shared facility in Hell's Kitchen and expanded to Queens (Long Island City to be specific) in 2010.  

It is our mission to create a company that contributes to the community through not only the creation of healthy and nutritious products, but also by giving people jobs, purchasing local goods and supporting local retailers with affordable prices so they can continue to profitably provide healthy, organic and local products to our neighbors.

We are often asked what BAO stands for.  In Chinese, BAO means “precious treasure” which is what we strive to deliver with each batch of our kombucha. BAO is also acronym for our company name, Bad Ass Organics (with a name like Bad Ass Organics, of course we got our start in Hell's Kitchen) . We salute everyone with the bad ass attitude to commit to living a healthy life (a.k.a., a bad ass) and reject the constant barrage of advertisements promoting the sweet tasting food and drinks that are horrible for ourselves and our families. 

The bad ass carves his or her own path.  He/she wears, drives, drinks, watches, and listens to what he/she chooses, when he/she chooses, where he/she chooses, uninfluenced by fads or advertising campaigns.  Bad ass style is understated, but instantly recognizable: simple, direct, and functional.  Be a bad ass.  Drink kombucha.

BAO Food and Drink is a founding member of Kombucha Brewer's International, a non-profit trade association (501 c 6) that represents the Kombucha Tea bottled beverage category globally. KBI strives to promote, protect and enhance the overall well-being of the industry by creating an open line of communication between brewers and regulators while advancing our industry through advocacy, education, research, and modern legislation. KBI represents over 80 Kombucha manufacturers.



Our Kombucha

Our signature product is BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA. Using old style fermentation, BAO CULTURED KOMBUCHA is a slightly effervescent, low-sugar beverage filled with probiotics that provides a healthy energy boost with a unique-tasting tart flavor profile.   

Our Cultured Vegetables and Sauces

BAO Fermented Foods are made using the 7000-year old method of lacto-fermentation. They are unpasteurized and packed with vibrant lactobacillus which helps build and support digestive and immune system health. You can learn more about fermentation and  find  "how to" tips on our blog.

Our Shots

BAO RAW EXTREME SHOTS  are also made with the ancient tradition of lacto-fermentation.    Each 2 fl oz shot has 72billion cfu of lactobacillus  to help strengthen your immune and digestive system. They are non dairy, gluten free, sugar free,  gmo free.


Being Green

BAO is committed to protecting our planet and helping our local New York City community by maintaining the lowest environmental foot print possible. Our compostable byproducts are donated to local co-ops and gardeners to create rich soil. We reuse whenever possible and recycle the rest to the fullest extent and we dispose of our small amount of waste using environmentally sound methods. Our facility in Long Island City is powered by 100% renewableenergy from Green Mountain Energy and outfitted with energy efficient equipment, lighting, and heating/cooling systems. Our production equipment and packing materials are recycled and recyclable. Lastly, we do our best to source all materials and ingredients from as close as possible to reduce emissions, cut pollution, and avoid unnecessary oil consumption. At this point over 70% of our ingredients are grown locally.

Being Socially Responsible

Through the OFI, BAO helps provide jobs for 18 New Yorkers and hires heavily from groups like the Osborne Association, providing jobs for New Yorkers who might have trouble finding work.

The Organic Food Incubator

We quickly realized that there were many other small local food manufactures in need of affordable work space, support and coaching. In the fall of 2011 we formed the Organic Food Incubator to help like minded small businesses. Since 2011 the OFI has worked with over 70 New York food and beverage manufacturers. The OFI currently houses, supports, and co-packs for 55 growing food manufacturers, who in turn employ over 150 New Yorkers. 

The OFI was featured on ABC News in November.... 7online.com