Guacamole with a cultured twist

Ripe avocado                          3

Cherry tomatoes                     1 pt

Scallions                                 1 bunch

Cilantro                                    1 bunch

Lime juice                                from 2 limes

BAO Chipotle Hot Sauce       2 tsp



1. Wash and dry the scallions, tomatoes, and cilantro

2. Cut the tomatoes into quarters.

3. Slice the scallions very thinly.

4. Mince the cilantro.

5. Mix the tomatoes, cilantro, scallions and line juice.

Up to this step can be done the day ahead.

6. Split the avocados and remove the pit.

7. Mash the avocados and add in the tomato mixture. Add BAO Cultured Chipotle Hot Sauce 



Mike Schwartz
Mike Schwartz


Mike is the owner of BAO Food and Drink and the Organic Food Incubator. He has worked in the food and beverage industry for over 35 years.

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