BAO Queso

January 24, 2018


1 small sauce pot

3 clove garlic smashed

2 TBSP butter

1 cup Cream

1 cup cheddar, shredded

1 cup fontina, shredded

salt and pepper

1 TBSP BAO K'chup

1 tsp BAO Hot sauce

1. Gently warm the garlic and the butter until fragrant.

2. Add the cream and bring to a boil

3. Add the cheeses, lower the heat and stir until melted

4. Season with salt and pepper

5. Remove from heat and stir in the BAO K'chup and Hot sauce.






2 tomatoes

1 avocado

4 eggs

4 slices of crispy bacon

salt and pepper

2 TBSP olive oil

1/2 cup of BAO Chipotle Hollandaise

deep pan filled with 2 inches of water plus 1/4 cup vinegar and 1 TBSP salt

cookie sheet 

Oven preheated to 250ºF

For the tomatoes Trim trim both ends of the tomatoes and cut each into 4 slices

Drizzle the olive oil on the cookie sheet and place the tomatoes on cookie sheet.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper

Place the tomatoes into the oven and check every half hour for two hours.

Remove when firm.

For the Avocado

Split the avocado, remove and reserve the seed.

Slice each half thinly in the skin

Replace the seed, put both halves together and wrap in plastic.

For the eggs:

Bring the water to a boil and turn down to simmer. gentle bubbles.

Crack each egg into the water separately.

Cook gently for three minutes.

unwrap the avocado, operate and use a spoon to gently scoop out the slices.

Make 4 stacks of  tomato, bacon and avocado

Remove the egg from the water with a slotted spoon. Place the spoon on a dry towel to absorb any extra water.

Then gently place the egg on the stack.

Top with BAO Chipotle Hollandaise




3   egg yolks

1 1/2 sticks of butter, melted 

1 tsp salt

1 TBSP water

1 tsp vinegar

2 TBSP BAO Cultured Chipotle Hot Sauce

small pot of boiling water, metal bowl, dry towel and whip

Place the three yolks in the bowl.

Add the salt, water, and vinegar.

Fold the dry towel and use it to hold the bowl over the pot of simmering water.

Whisk the eggs until thick, (a little thicker than heavy cream).

Turn off the heat. Place the towel between the pot and the bowl and slowly addd the butter while whisking.

Once the butter is completely incorporated and the sauce is smooth, add the Hot sauce, cover and keep warm until ready to use (up to 2 hours)



Kombucha Smoothie

August 24, 2017


Gabi's favorite kombucha smoothie... his recipe

1 bottle BAO Mango Kombucha

1/4 cup frozen Mango

1 banana

1/4 cup frozen cherries to make it look good.

1/4 cup yogurt

6 ice cubes

Blend in a blender.



Trying to resist the waffles that I made for my kids, I needed something quick to eat for breakfast.

I grabbed an iron skillet, a spoon and a fork and 4 minutes later had these quick eggs full of probiotics.


2   eggs

1 TBSP organic cold pressed coconut oil

1 TBSP organic butter

TBSP organic miso 

2 TBSP BAO Cultured Spicy Slaw

1. Heat the iron skillet on low.

2. Add the coconut oil and the butter to the skillet.

3. When the butter melts, crack the two eggs into the skillet.

4. Mix the BAO Spicy Slaw and the miso in a bowl.

5. When the whites of the egg set, scramble in the skillet unit everything is set.

6. Scoop the eggs into the bowl wit the BAO mixture and mix together. 

7. Eat it while it is hot. 

total time 5 minutes



Scalion Pancake is an easy cloud pleaser and we have added a little culture to it.

It is a great "do ahead and freeze "

Gather a cuisinart, damp towel, rolling pin, brush,  cutting board and knife, saute pan

Flour          2 cup

Salt            2 tsp

Hot water  1 cup

sesame oil 4 TBSP

BAO Cultured Vegetables, your choice 1/ cup

Scallions, chopped thinly    1/2 cup

bench flour ( to roll out the dough)


For the dip:

Raw organic soy sauce       1/4 cup

BAO B Que                          1  TBSP

Sesame oil                           1  TBSP

1. Mix all 


For the pancakes:

1 cup oil for cooking (i Like coconut, but you can use canola)

1. Put the flour in the cuisinart.

2. turn it on and slowly add 3/4 cups of hot water. Mix until the dough comes together. If it is too dry, add a little more.

3. Flour your hands and remove the dough from the cuisinart.

4. knead unti smooth.

5. Cut the dough into 4 pieces. and roll each into a ball and press flat.

6. Cover with the damp towel and rest 30 minutes.

7. While the dough is resting, drain the BAO well and chop finely.

8. Roll each ball into a large disk approximately 8 inches diameter.

9. Brush the disk with the sesame oil, keep the edges dry.

10. Sprinkle BAO and scallions over the same oil.

11. roll the disk like a jelly roll. Gently attache the end to the roll.

12. Repeat with each ball.

13. Heat a saute pan and add 1/2 cup of oil ( i like coconut, but you can use canola), medium heat

14. Gently place the disc into the oil and cook for about 5 minutes until golden brown.

15. Carefully turn over and cook the other side until golden brown.

16. Remove to a cutting board and cut into wedges. Serve hot with the dipping sauce.


Ripe avocado                          3

Cherry tomatoes                     1 pt

Scallions                                 1 bunch

Cilantro                                    1 bunch

Lime juice                                from 2 limes

BAO Chipotle Hot Sauce       2 tsp



1. Wash and dry the scallions, tomatoes, and cilantro

2. Cut the tomatoes into quarters.

3. Slice the scallions very thinly.

4. Mince the cilantro.

5. Mix the tomatoes, cilantro, scallions and line juice.

Up to this step can be done the day ahead.

6. Split the avocados and remove the pit.

7. Mash the avocados and add in the tomato mixture. Add BAO Cultured Chipotle Hot Sauce 



Brussels Sprouts are an easy to prepare cruciferous vegetable packed with vitamin K and C and many other nutrients. Cruciferous vegetables have been shown to be very helpful in fighting cancer. The BAO B Que, in addition to adding flavor, adds a hearty dose of lactobacillus. Lactobacillus is a probiotic bacteria that is part of a healthy human microbiome and aids in digestion and gut health.


This side dish is enough for 4.

Brussels Sprouts  1 pound

olive oil                  1/4 cup

salt and pepper

BAO B Que           1/2 cup

Soy sauce             2 TBSP

Brown Sugar         2 TBSP (optional)


1. Trim the bottom from the Brussels sprouts.

2. Spilt them in half if small or quarters if large.

3. in a operate mixing bowl mix the BAO B Que, soy sauce and brown sugar.

4. Heat a heavy bottomed pan or iron skillet on medium.

5. mix the Brussels sprouts, olive oil and salt and pepper.

6. Gently add the Brussels Sprouts to the skillet and cook over medium heat for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

7. Remove the Brussels Sprouts mix them with the BAO B Que mixture.

8. Serve. 



Kale                                                              2 bunches
Sesame Oil                                                   1/4 cup
Avocado oil (or canola)                                 1/4 cup 
BAO Cultured Hot Sauce                             1/2 tsp
garlic, minced                                               2 cloves
Peanuts, roasted and chopped                    1 cup
Scallions, cut into 1 inch pieces                   1 bunch
Shiitake mushrooms, stemmed and sliced  1 pound
minced ginger                                              1 TBSP
Rice wine vinegar                                         1/4 cup


1.  Preheat oven to 500ºF

2.  Wash the kale and cut it into strips.

3. Toss the kale with sesame oil and season with salt and pepper.


4. Roast the kale on a cookie sheet in the oven for 10 minutes.

5. Heat the avocado oil, gently brown the garlic, then add the ginger and scallions, cooke over medium heat for 2 to three minutes.

6. Remove the scallions and add the shiitakes to the pan and cook for 5 minutes, stirring often (if the pan is dry add a little more oil).

7. Remove from the heat and add the vinegar and hot sauce.

8.  Gently toss the kale, peanuts, scallions and the shiitake mixture.

9. Season with salt and pepper. 


English Muffins

December 07, 2016


Even though they are neither English or muffins, they are very yummy.... and they have nooks and crannies.

Milk         1.5 cups
Sugar       3 TBSP
Water       1.5 cups
Butter      6 TBSP
Yeast       .5 tsp
Flour        9 cups
Salt          3 tsp


Warm the milk, sugar, butter and water - not hot - you should be able to comfortably put your finger in it.

Add the yeast.

Add 1/3 of the flour and mix gently.

Mix the salt with the remainder of the flour.

After 15 minutes, mix in the remainder of the flour (and salt).


Rest for two hours or overnight in the refrigerator.

Cut into 2 to 3 ounce pieces and roll round.

Press flat into 4 inch discs or roll with rolling pin and place on corn meal to rest 30 minutes.

Heat a griddle or iron skillet.

Place the discs on the skillet and cook over low to medium heat for 15 minutes.

Flip and cook on the second side for 15 minutes.

Cool and then fork split.

They freeze very well.


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