BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA Now Arriving Daily to the Homes and Offices of Greater New York

Local New York City beverage manufacturer leveraging new technologies to launch delivery service bringing nutritious beverages to the people


NEW YORK, NY, March 1, 2011 –  Bad Ass Organics, New York City’s local manufacturer of kombucha and fermented foods, today announced the launch of its local kombucha delivery service and new e-commerce website (   Kombucha, packed with vitamins and digestive-aiding probiotics, is one of the fastest growing beverage trends in the country and BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA is New York’s first commercially-licensed local manufacturer. 

BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA is offered throughout stores and cafes in the Greater New York City area and is arriving at new locations every day.  “We know that everyone does not have access to a local market stocked with fresh vegetables and healthy drinks,” said Mike Schwartz, co-founder of Bad Ass Organics. “It is our goal to make nutritious drinks available for people that need them; including the person spending fourteen hours a day at their desk drinking too many diet sodas because it is the only option on hand.”

The new BAO website and Facebook page are launching today to support the delivery of BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA to any home or workplace in Greater New York.  The delivery service will cover anywhere in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island, as well as many counties in Upstate New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.  All seven BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA flavors are available and there is the option to buy a mixed case that is only available through the website.BAO Kombucha Delivery Area

“New technologies make it feasible to execute on business strategies that were previously impossible to consider,” said Mike Brady, co-founder.  “By using affordable e-commerce and social media tools and partnering with a handful of delivery and courier services, we are able to make BAO available online and reach more customers in our local market than we could have solely through traditional distribution channels.”

BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA is made from a combination of organic black and green tea, organic cane sugar, and the kombucha culture consisting of probiotic bacteria and yeast.  Using a specially designed room in their New York City facility, the tea ferments in a warm environment for a period of time until almost all of the sugar has been converted to a slightly sparkling, refreshing drink containing vitamins, probiotics, enzymes, minerals and healthy organic acids.

Go to for more information on the product line, the growing number of retail locations across the New York metropolitan area, local delivery details, and company background.  To schedule a desk-side tasting and/or book an interview please write 

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About Bad Ass Organics, LLC

Bad Ass Organics (BAO) was created by two passionate New Yorkers who combined their expertise in organic foods and entrepreneurism to get great tasting and healthy products into their community.  The beverage aisle in any supermarket or deli is filled with sugary sodas and teas that add calories to our diet without any nutritional benefits. By using the benefits of natural fermentation, BAO instills all their beverages with probiotics (living bacteria) in low calorie, nutritious drinks.  The word bao in Chinese means “precious treasure”, which is delivered in each batch of handcrafted BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA.  BAO is also an acronym for the company name, Bad Ass Organics, which is a salute to everyone with the bad ass attitude to reject the constant barrage of unhealthy food and drinks and commit to living a healthy lifestyle.

 BAO is a trademark of Bad Ass Organics, LLC.



Kim Johnson
Kim Johnson


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kelly master
kelly master

September 22, 2017

HI; I live in Collingswood NJ and have an office in Cherry Hill NJ. Do you deliver your kombucha to either of those locations?

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