BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA extending product line for New York City’s locally made, organic and raw kombucha

Innovative Beverage Company getting delicious, low calorie, nutritious beverages into the hands of New Yorkers as a positive step in the fight against obesity


NEW YORK, NY, DECEMBER 7, 2010 – Bad Ass Organics, New York City’s local manufacturer of kombucha and organic drinks, today announced it is extending  its line of nutritious kombucha beverages to include four new flavors: Super Green, Mango, Grape and Spice (   BAO (rhymes with wow) FRESH KOMBUCHA has seen tremendous growth since launching in April 2010 as the first licensed kombucha brewer in New York State.  Using a 100% natural fermentation, BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA is a slightly effervescent, low-sugar beverage filled with probiotics that provides a healthy energy boost with a unique-tasting tart flavor profile. 


Different cultures have been drinking kombucha for thousands of years, but its popularity in the U.S. has recently exploded as more people recognize the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.   “Providing people with healthier drink alternatives is essential to reversing the obesity trend in America.  The beverage business is a $50 billion industry with only a few companies truly mindful of the well-being of the community they serve,” said Mike Brady co-founder of Bad Ass Organics. “We have a triple bottom line at BAO that focuses on profits, people and planet, and our mission is to do good for people while making people feel good.”


“Fermented foods offer a goldmine of nutritional benefits, and the food and beverage industry needs to do a better job educating and informing people about them,” said Mike Schwartz co-founder and instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education.  “One of our newest flavors, Super Green, includes spirulina, which is a rich source of potassium as well as B1, B4 and vitamins A through D, and provides an incredible combination of nutrients when added to our kombucha.”


A typical soda or tea will have 140 calories in an eight ounce serving, resulting in many Americans getting more than 25% of their suggested caloric intake per day from drinks offering zero nutritional value.   BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA has under 40 calories per eight ounce serving, tastes great and provides functional benefits that aid in digestion, serving as a meaningful complement to any healthy diet. 


Moreover, BAO, with its manufacturing facility located in New York City, is filling a demand for local products that contribute positively to the community.  A recent Zagat survey found that 68% of participants thought it was important for the food they eat to be locally sourced, organic and sustainably produced.


Listed below are some interesting BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA Facts:

Kombucha is thought to have been first created over 2,500 years ago.

Kombucha is made from black or green tea and naturally fermenting cultures, called probiotics.  Probiotics, when taken regularly, have been known to have a multitude of health benefits such as improvement of the digestive system.

BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA is at the center of the biggest 2011 food trends as consumers focus on nutritious, locally made, and organic products that can be part of a healthy diet.

40% of Americans have gastrointestinal problems that can be improved with probiotics found in kombucha.  Digestive health is a top wellness issue for the food and beverage industry, with emphasis on probiotics, prebiotics, and fiber.

Americans consume more carbonated soft-drinks than any other country in the world and soft drinks are 55% of total beverage volume sold (i.e. 1 of every 2 drinks).  Fermentation causes kombucha to be naturally effervescent, which is a healthy alternative to any artificially carbonated soft-drink.

BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA is made fresh in Long Island City and delivered daily to leading grocers and restaurants in New York and surrounding areas (suggested retail price $3.49). 


Go to for more information on the product line, the growing number of retail locations across the city, company founders and product details.  To schedule a desk-side tasting and/or book an interview please write  Find Bad Ass Organics on Facebook and Twitter at DrinkBAO– join the community today and share what you think of BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA!


About Bad Ass Organics, LLC

Bad Ass Organics (BAO) was created by two passionate New Yorkers who combined their expertise in organic foods and entrepreneurism to get great tasting and healthy products into their community.  The beverage aisle in any supermarket or deli is filled with sugary sodas and teas that add calories to our diet without any nutritional benefits. By using the benefits of natural fermentation, BAO instills all their beverages with probiotics (living bacteria) in low calorie, nutritious drinks.  The word bao in Chinese means “precious treasure”, which is delivered in each batch of handcrafted BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA.  BAO is also an acronym for the company name, Bad Ass Organics, which is a salute to everyone with the bad ass attitude to reject the constant barrage of unhealthy food and drinks and commit to living a healthy lifestyle.


BAO is a trademark of Bad Ass Organics, LLC.




Kim Johnson
Kim Johnson


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