Fans of Bethenny Frankel have probably noticed Bethenny carrying around a new drink on this season of Bravo TV’s hit show Bethenny Ever After.  Look closely and you’ll spot BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA’s cameo “appearances” during most episodes this season.  BAO’s Berry and Original flavors seem to be Bethenny’s favorites.  Bethenny's show airs nationwide every Monday at 10 PM on Bravo TV.

BAO is proud to be the go-to drink for bad ass New Yorkers like Bethenny.  Bethenny’s mission to democratize health while raising a family and taking her businesses to new heights makes her an official BAO bad ass.  Bethenny first discovered BAO when we launched in New York City last year and she was so cool to send a tweet to let us know about her new favorite kombucha.

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See if you can spot BAO in this season’s episodes:

Bethenny Ever After Episode #1 - “Hoppy Trails to You

  •  In the car ride to Jason’s parents’ house.

Bethenny Ever After Episode #2 - “There is No Normal”

  • On the table in the therapist’s office.

Bethenny Ever After Episode #3 - “Business as Usual"

  • On the table when Bethenny and Jason discuss production of Skinnygirl Margaritas.

Bethenny Ever After Episode #4 - “It’s My Baptism, I’ll Cry if I Want to”

  • On the top shelf of Bethenny’s fridge, on the bedside table when Bethenny and Jason play with Bryn in the bedroom, and in Bethenny’s hand when she and Jason enter the costume store.

Bethenny Ever After Episode #7 - “The Mile High Club”

  •  In Bethenny’s hand while jeans shopping with Jason.

Bethenny Ever After Episode #9 - “Break ‘Em Early”

  • On the table when Bethenny and Jason talk to Skinnygirl CEO David.

How cool is that?  

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