Marian Flaxman - BAO Bad Ass Legend

Making a difference in the world begins at the local level with bad asses like Marian Flaxman.  It may look like a normal café on the outside, but Marian’s Culture Shock café in Ithaca NY is much more than that.  Using the nutritious benefits of fermented food and drink, Marian is educating people on the importance of a good diet and taking a stance against the industrial food system that has put the health of our entire country in jeopardy.  She spends everyday experimenting with ways to make people feel better, using good food, cool atmosphere and friendly people, and that makes her a true BAO Bad Ass Legend.

Be Yourself - Drink Kombucha - Drink BAO

New York's Own Kombucha

Kim Johnson
Kim Johnson


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Edward & Marilynn Flaxman
Edward & Marilynn Flaxman

May 25, 2011

We are Marian’s grandparents and are we ever proud of her. She is smart, beautiful, caring and a wonderful mother. What more could you ask for. A True Badass in the very best meaning of the word.

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