Vanessa Chakour - BAO Bad Ass Legend

Brooklyn-based Vanessa Chakour uses her insane set of bad ass skills as a visual artist, boxer, trainer, and activist to empower women, support urban youth, and fight for social justice.  Her tireless work ethic and passion earned her the designation this week as our BAO Bad Ass Legend and our first local legend this year. 


While we knew of Vanessa's badassitude, she was nominated by a friend to be a BAO Bad Ass Legend that had this to say about her, 

Aside from the fact that she is a phenomenal trainer, inspiring artist, and devoted proponent of social justice, Vanessa Chakour is also one of the most spiritual, compassionate, and fiercely devoted friends I've ever had 

Her work exquisitely combines her experiences in the realms of music, activism and boxing. In addition to creating politically charged portraits of historic icons, she generates kinetic pieces that function as culturally aware streams of consciousness. In her distinctive style of “Visual Verse," every brushstroke is a string of words- a lyric, poem, a free association. 

A consummate athlete, Chakour has used her boxing as a vehicle to create empowerment and awareness for the many social and political causes she champions. She is an Athlete Ambassador for Right To Play and has spoken at the United Nations on their behalf. She is the founder of The Hip Hop Loves Boxing programs in NYC and LA, which help kids achieve their potentials. Chakour is Partner and trainer at Mendy Boxing, with boxer, Christophe Mendy of the French Olympic team, launching new training camps and workshops.

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Kim Johnson
Kim Johnson


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Donna Jones
Donna Jones

February 06, 2011

Yes. Thanks for finding a woman like Vanessa to be part of your list.

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