Why don't we call it "kim chi"?

One of the most often asked questions is "Why don't you make kim chi?"

Well, we do...  We just don't call it "kim chi" because it is not kim chi in the most strict definition. We have combined some of the best flavors and techniques from both eastern and western fermentation traditions to create BAO.  As such it is kind of a hybrid, you could say "American kim chi."  It has the best of both and all of the amazing fermentation benefits with extra crunch, unusual flavors and a longer shelf life. It is also vegan. We do not use any animal products in any of our preparations. 

We hope that you enjoy eating them as much as we enjoy making them!

Mike Schwartz
Mike Schwartz


Mike is the owner of BAO Food and Drink and the Organic Food Incubator. He has worked in the food and beverage industry for over 35 years.

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