Super easy recipe here using our left over mashed potatoes.

We love mashed potatoes:

1 lb russet potatoes peeled and boiled

1 stick of butter

1 cup of cream

a little salt 

Smash it together.

The next day we add

1 egg whisked to 1 cup of cold mashed potatoes

Form into small pancakes and pan fry in a little olive oil

Top with BAO Beets!

Besides the great flavors and textures fermented foods can add to your meals, what are the potential benefits they provide?


Fermentation is a chemical reaction by bacteria and yeast that create metabolic by-products. These by-products help support the diverse ecosystem in your gut. Eating fermented foods and drinks can help in various ways.


  1. They help improve digestion
  2. Increase the functioning of the immune system
  3. Improve metabolism functioning
  4. Help with stomach issues such as IBS
  5. Better gut health is shown to prevent the development of cancer, obesity, and diabetes


However—not all fermented foods are created equal. Many supermarket fermented products are pasteurized and cooked at high heat, killing the beneficial bacteria. BAO products maintain the good bacteria and stick the basic ingredients and processes. BAO is a great option for fermented foods and drinks because they are certified organic and have no added sugars, preservatives, synthetic binders, or GMOs.


1 saute pan

1 small sauce pot

2 spoons

1 oven safe baking dish

1 blender

1 mixing bowl

1/2 cup coconut oil

6 cloves of garlic

1 inch piece of turmeric, chopped

1inch piece of ginger, chopped

1 tsp BAO Cultured Hot sauce

Juice from 2 limes

1 pound Brussels sprouts

1 large sweet potato

1 large turnip

Salt and pepper

1. Trim the Brussels Sprouts and split

2. peel and dice the sweet potato and the turnip. Keep separate.

3. Heat 2 TBSP of the oil in the small pot with the garlic and cook gently until golden, Cool to room temperature.

4. Heat a small amount of the oil in the sauté pan and cook the Brussels sprouts until slightly charred and cooked through. Season with salt and pepper. Add only enough vegetables so that they all fit in one layer in the pan.

5. Repeat with remaining Brussels sprouts.

6. Repeat with Sweet potatoes and then with the turnips until all of the vegetables are cooked.

7. Place the garlic in oil, turmeric, ginger, hot sauce and lime juice into the blender and make smooth.

8. Place all of the vegetables and the garlic mixture into the mixing bowl and toss.

9. Put the vegetable mixture into the dish.

This can all be done one day ahead.

10. Preheat oven to 375.

11. Place the dish into the oven 



Fermentation has been around for thousands of years and can be accomplished with very little experience or technical support.

There are a few rules:

The vegetables must be submerged under liquid at all times

The temperature should be between 55ºF and 75ºF

There must be a way for CO2 to escape

Salt - either 0.4 ounces by weight per pound of vegetables or 1 ounce by weight per 1 quart of water.

The rest is up to you

Chop the vegetables to your liking 

Add your favorite spices

Weigh it and mix in the correct amount of salt.

Gently massage it and pack into a container.

Place something on top to hold it under water ( a small lid for example)

Place a lid with an airlock or a cloth cover.

Hold it warm until it is yummy.

Normally 3 days minimum, 6 weeks maximum.

Check it often and refrigerate when you like it.



One of the most often asked questions is "Why don't you make kim chi?"

Well, we do...  We just don't call it "kim chi" because it is not kim chi in the most strict definition. We have combined some of the best flavors and techniques from both eastern and western fermentation traditions to create BAO.  As such it is kind of a hybrid, you could say "American kim chi."  It has the best of both and all of the amazing fermentation benefits with extra crunch, unusual flavors and a longer shelf life. It is also vegan. We do not use any animal products in any of our preparations. 

We hope that you enjoy eating them as much as we enjoy making them!


April 21, 2016


Unfortunately, styrofoam is part of reality here at BAO. We have searched and continue search for an eco-friendly alternative that can safely transport our products to you.

Until then, we encourage you to reuse your styrofoam packaging. 

If you send the white box and the styrofoam insert (top and bottom) in good condition, we will add 1500 ($15 value) to your rewards account. (Shipping from the US Post office should be $3.50 - send it the slowest and cheapest way!). 

While we do not like using styrofoam, we have learned that it is fully recyclable. This link will take you to a Dart Container's web page that has listings for all of the styrofoam recycling location in the US. And check with your town, it is very likely that they will also pick up styrofoam for recycling.

We are happy to listen if you have any suggestions for alternatives. Please send us a note.

thank you for supporting BAO!

Everyday there is more research showing the need to improve gut health. Fermented vegetables are an essential part of that healing process. Cultured vegetables provide the needed fiber to help clean the digestive system and provide the prebiotic environment to allow probiotics to build an ecosystem and grow in your gut.

Boost your cleanse with fermented vegetables! 

Gut Health

March 28, 2016


Everyone is talking about it. Your gut health is the key to overall health. The American gut  needs help. We have been abusing our guts for generations with processed food, excess sugar and cheap carbs.

We all have take action now to bring in prebiotics and probiotics into our diet.  With a few simple changes in your diet, you can add lots of flavor and lots of help. Kim Chi, sauerkraut, miso, kombucha, yogurt, kefir and any other live (non-pasteurized) cultured product will bring needed probiotics into your diet.

Ok, so we know what probiotics are. But prebiotics? Probiotics provide an environment and food for the probiotic culture. Leafy greens like dandelion, asparagus, onion, garlic (especially raw) provide the needed fiber for probiotics to thrive.

Sure you can get this all in a pill. But it is so much tastier when you get it from nature.

Here is a great article for more information:

9 Signs Your Gut Is At The Root of Your Health Issues 

Antibiotics have become the medical answer to all ailments, and while they do have their place, they have been abused and over used for years. This has led to the need for stronger and stronger antibiotics and to more damage to the micro biome, the good bacterial ecosystem in the human gut.

There is mounting evidence that the addition of cultured foods and drinks from sauerkraut to kefir to miso and more can help replenish your gut with much needed probiotic bacteria. In addition, prebiotics, the raw vegetable fiber that encourage probiotic growth is essential. Cultured vegetables can provide both the prebiotic environment and the probiotic cultures to help your gut replenish the micro biome.

This is a great article from Natural News for more information.

Free Kombucha

January 30, 2016


enter code: Free to get a free bottle with your order.

We are now offering our kombucha in a 12 ounce bottle with a little fizz and have two new flavors. Enter the coupon code Free and you will get a free bottle of cola or hibiscus added to your order.

The Cola is made with our signature organic kombucha, organic spices and organic molasses. 

The Hibiscus is made with our signature organic kombucha, organic hibiscus and organic spices.

We do not use caramel coloring or any natural or artificial flavors!

We hope that you enjoy them!




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